Copi-Auto spare parts from China wholesale

Copi-Auto spare parts from China wholesale

Auto parts for business

From a small trading company to 1150 suqare m production area Our advantage is the lowest prices for the highest quality goods. What is considered a quality product? One that focuses on details in production, from the selection and purchase of raw materials for production, to packaging and label printing. We are interested in control at every stage, so that our customers remain satisfied, so that their sales grow, and when there is a constant flow of sales, then ordering becomes continuous.


Our products

Huge range for your choice

You are the one who is not working with us yet

Constantly changing suppliers

High purchase prices

You don’t get quality assurance

You often receive low-quality goods

Always delayed deliveries

Why choose us

You are the one who works with us

customer approval and stable business

Profits are higher than before

There is a quality assurance

If a problem occurs, it is timely resolved by a specialist

Delivery of goods to the client on time

Our team

Market Responsible

Production Capabilities

Minimum monthly production 100,000 filters

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