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Why China buys auto parts

World’s largest OEM manufacturing in China?
I think the answer is yes, at least 70% of the world’s car brands are made in China, OEM production, let’s assume that even if the car is not made in China, but at least auto parts for it were supplied from Chinese manufacturers, even the most fashionable iPhone, also made in China,

Production technology: if auto parts from China had problems and poor quality 10 years ago, now these 10 years have already passed and Chinese technologies are already on the same level with German and American ones.

You probably don’t know that the Chinese northern city of Shenyang is a motorcycle parts market, where you can assemble 1 motorcycle in one day, all the necessary components are presented there; there is a Chen Tian Cun auto parts market in the south of China in Guangzhou city, the same story, if you have time, you can come and try.

Goods classification:
If you want to buy good quality auto parts, such as filters, most of the factories are located in Guangdong. Which factories are currently producing OEM for global brands? If you choose a slightly worse quality, then you can go to the Chinese province of Zhejiang, the city of Wenzhou. There are many factories and firms all doing this.

Those who are not very demanding on quality but sensitive enough to prices can go to China’s northern cities of Hebei Province, currently cheap auto parts are made there, if you want to buy external parts, you can go to Jiangsu Province if you want to buy running parts for cars, you can go to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei, no matter what auto parts you want to buy, there is a corresponding city and corresponding manufacturers for everything.

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Although we are not the most high-class factory that you imagine, but at least we have already trained 156 employees, although our production equipment is not the most advanced, but the goods made by us meet the standards, maybe we are not the best factory, but we have certain requirements and control of every detail in the production of goods, and how – in any way we understand the Russian market and the market of Central Asia and we understand what auto parts customers need.
Cooperating with us – you will increase your profit from sales